MousikóFídi is a self-hostable application that enables you to stream your own audio and video collection through a modern web browser. The name is Greek for "musical snake", because the core of it is written with Python.

Compare With Similar Software

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but rather a high-level look at how some notable MousikóFídi features compare to similar software.

MousikóFídi Ampache Subsonic
Requires Database 1 No Yes Yes
Vanilla Javascript 2 Yes No No
Simple Config 3 Yes No No
Mobile-Friendly UI 4 Yes No No
Freemium 5 No No Yes
Quick Set up 6 Yes No Yes
Authentication 7 No Yes Yes
Easter Eggs 8 Yes ??? ???
Demo Yes Yes Yes


1 MousikóFídi does not require a database to work by default. Optional support for a database is planned.

2 MousikóFídi only uses vanilla Javascript; No jQuery, no Node.js, no 3rd party Javascript at all.

3 MousikóFídi reads all configuration from a simple YAML file that is created on the first run. Adding media sources is as simple as adding a line in that file.

4 MousikóFídi's user interface is mobile-friendly out of the box; it's designed to render in a usable way on smaller viewports. Other softwares require an "app" for a usable experience on mobile devices. MousikóFídi also has PWA support!

5 MousikóFídi is and always will be Free Software. No feature will ever be gated behind a paywall.

6 MousikóFídi is designed to be set up quickly, without a lot of special configuration and effort. Please see the Quickstart Guide for more details.

7 MousikóFídi does not yet support authentication, but this is planned. For now it is recommended to use HTTP basic auth or another means.

8 MousikóFídi comes with a few easter eggs... what are they?!

This page was last modified on: 2021-05-03